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Choosing Your Cameras For Traveling

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26/08/2008 – Choosing Your Cameras For Traveling

This week should be a ‘light week’ for posting on Flying With Fish and somehow this is my third post for the week. This post is also the second installment of Flying With Fish Video.

In this installment of Flying With Fish Video I discuss choosing your camera body selection for traveling. Many photographers purchase mismatched, or incompatible, camera bodies which forces them to pack excess weight and use valuable space in their bags, while traveling. In this video I’ll go through choosing ‘matched cameras’ to add to save you space and weight while also making your experience in the field with your cameras easier.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Eric,

    Throughout Flying With Fish you will find constant references to me labeling all my bags in pink so I can quickly identify them as mine. I use this same tape on my bodies, lenses, lens caps, batteries, etc.

    By using very bright tape I can quickly find what I am looking for when packing up after a shoot, looking around a hotel room, looking in a dark bag, etc. The tape is used for identification, and along with simple ID tags with my name and phone number, are very useful for getting things returned to me.

    The tape is also helpful when working in a ‘photo gaggle’ and many photogs have the same gear. There is no confusing your gear with someone elses.

    Search the site for ‘tape’ and you’ll get many posts on the subject.

    Happy Flying!


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