#SkyTeamRTW … Fish’s Journey Around The World, Like None Other

The past few weeks have been intense, interesting, and filled with ever changing logistics … similar to building a jigsaw puzzle on top of a constantly moving Rubik’s Cube. This morning, 13 days after project launch something I have worked hard to build went wheels up.


This morning with the 7:00am Delta Air Lines departure from JFK to SFO #SkyTeamRTW took off for one of the most creative travel social marketing campaigns you are likely to see.


Rather then tell you all about it, just go to Twitter and follow @SkyTeamRTW, log into your Instagram and follow ‘SkyTeamAlliance’ , like SkyTeam on Facebook and in general just follow the #SkyTeamRTW hashtag,


What you will experience for the next scheduled 12 days is the documentation of a round-the-world journey like none other. #SkyTeamRTW, being documented only with two iPhones and a Fujifilm x20, will take you to 14 countries on 6 continents, as seen through the ‘eyes’ of a Timbuk2 messenger bag.


Tweet SkyTeam your travel tips, join in our Facebook conversations and leave your comments for the photographs … as what lay beneath the surface of all before is simply one guy escorting a bag on its journey through the world.


Happy Flying!



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