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Southwest Airlines Moves To Cashless In-flight Sales Only

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3/09/2008 – Southwest Airlines Moves To Cashless In-flight Sales Only

Next Tuesday, the 9th of September, Southwest Airlines will allow you to keep your ‘Fives-&-Singles’ in your wallet when you ‘Move About The Country. ‘

In an effort to make in-flight purchases easier for passengers, and streamline the in-flight operations for flight attendants, the airline has chosen to answer their customers’ requests to be able to use credit cards in flight. The twist in this is that Southwest Airlines will move exclusively to credit cards and debit cards and no longer accept cash.

Considering that Southwest Airlines will continue to serve soda, juice, pretzels and peanuts at no charge, I see the move to cashless in-flight services for those seeking to purchase alcoholic drinks and Monster Energy drinks as reasonable and actually favourable.

I’d like to see other airlines accept credit cards in-flight for buy-on-board meals (some already do). It would stimulate passengers in-flight purchases, which would in turn generate revenue for airlines……so maybe they’ll drop other fees, like the outrageous charges for checking a first bag (Southwest Airlines still allows for the first two bags to be checked at no charge).

Happy Flying!

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  1. I just got off an AirTran flight and they also had an "only credit & debit" for purchases. Seemed pretty seemless.

    Service was almost Southwest level of good. Second bag charge however.

    Happy Flying back at ya Fish!

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