Space Saving Packing Tip : International Plug Adapters

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25/02/2009 – Space Saving Packing Tip : International Plug Adapters

When traveling internationally it is often essential to pack an international plug adapter. Sometimes you need to pack more than one adapter depending on where you are headed, but whenever you need an adapter it means one more ‘thing’ you need to pack and one more ‘thing’ taking up space in your baggage.

When I set out to find the ‘perfect’ international plug adapter I found what I was looking for in an unexpected location. I had searched online, visited at least a dozen travel shops, and suddenly there it was at late at night while changing planes in Incheon (ICN), South Korea, back in 2006…the Road Warrior “Go!con” Power Plug Adapter.

For years I traveled with the basic international plug adapter, usually larger than I’d like to travel with. Generally these items were specific to one type of ‘plug type,’ and this took up more space than I liked in my bag.  When traveling between two or more countries, with multiple different types of outlets I switched to Targus’ International Power Adapter Travel Kit, but it wasn’t as versatile as I’d have hoped for. Each ‘piece’ of the Targus kit was separate, and as a kit I lost a lot of space in my bag.

The Road Warrior Power Plug Adapter is slightly larger than a credit card (obviously it is thicker), and is similar to a “Transformer” (the cartoon Transformers, not the electrical transformers) in how it works.  By manipulating the parts this one single easy to use item, it adapts from a Type A plug (Type A is US, Canada, Japan and some other countries) to seven different international outlet types! (Road Warrior makes version that accommodates 8 different outlet types as well)

When searching for a way to handle a variety of power adapter needs, and save space, consider looking for a well designed, multi-use, highly compact single unit, rather than the larger single use units.  These items can be hard to find, however you can find the Road Warrior unit online here :

Below are photos of two larger single use electrical plug adapters for the UK’s “Type G” outlets, shown with my Road Warrior unit, as well as the Road Warrior assembled for the “Type G” outlet, and the unit by its self.

Happy Flying!
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a group of electrical plugs a close-up of a plug

a black and pink electrical device a close-up of a couple of plugs

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