Spirit Airlines “Pre-Reclined” Seat : Worst Seat Choices Ever On SeatGuru?

OK, to be fair…SeatGuru does not actually rate seats, however SeatGuru gives travelers one of the most detailed and best resources for choosing seats on flights.

If you have not used SeatGuru, the site shows diagrams for more that 700 airliners flown by commercial airlines around the world.

In the graphics of most airline seat diagrams on SeatGuru the seats are shown in “white” for standard seats, where as other seats follow a colour code. Within the SeatGuru colour code, good seats are green, seats with “some drawbacks” are yellow and seats they advise against are red.

What is the point of all this? Well … SeatGuru just released the new seating diagram for Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 with ‘pre-reclined seats,‘ which I wrote about here – Spirit Airlines Installs “Pre-Reclined†Seats : Are They Now RyanAmerica? The diagram for the Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 with pre-reclined seats shows each and every seat on the aircraft as yellow for “some drawbacks” (with the exception of the seats in Row 1… which Spirit Airlines calls the “Big Front Seat.”)

No other aircraft shows every single seat as having “some drawbacks,” not even the seat diagrams for other airlines that also utilize non-reclining seats, such as Ryanair and Allegiant Air.

While I can’t imagine passenger clamoring to fly with Spirit Airlines and their ‘pre-reclined seats,’ I doubt SeatGuru waving a big red flag, or in this case a yellow flag, will deter people from flying them considering their bookings went up 50% after they announced they’d start charging for carry-on baggage.

Below is a screen shot of SeatGuru’s diagram of the new Spirit Airlines A320 seating layout.

Happy Flying!

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