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Afriqiyah Airways, Still Grounded But Buying Planes & Announcing Routes

Libya’s Afriqiyah Airways has been grounded since the 17th of March 2011, when a United Nations mandated No Fly Zone went into effect at the start of the nation’s civil war. Now after a year on the ground, the airline remains flightless while its counterpart, Libyan Arab Airlines, has returned to flying.   Despite the…

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New York’s Hometown Airline Flies A Red Sox Tail

This past Friday New York’s Hometown Airline, JetBlue unveiled its latest aircraft paint scheme … that of the Boston Red Sox.   JetBlue, the largest airline at Boston’s Logan International Airport and Official Airline of the Boston Red Sox, revealed the new Red Sox livery just two days before Truck Day at Fenway Park ,…

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Putting Boeing 737 & Airbus A320 Popularity Into Perspective

There are all sorts of impressive statistics for commercial airliners, cost per available seat mile, cost per block hour, how many hours of flight per incident, how many operators fly a specific aircraft, types of variants of aircraft … but sometimes its difficult to put all these numbers into perspective. First the basics, the Boeing…

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Can Libya’s Revolution Strengthen The Nation’s Airlines?

During a time of revolution, foreign military intervention, no fly zones, economic sanctions and the senseless killing of those who simply want their voice to be heard it may be hard to find the silver lining in anything, especially a story on airlines … but in Libya there is the potential for a stronger national…

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Syrian Air’s Aircraft Predicament

Syrian Air is seeking to expand its fleet … but it has a problem … it can’t source effective aircraft for its fleet.  Since the United States imposed sanctions on Syria in 2004, and transactions with the Commercial Bank of Syria,  Syrian Air has been unable to have access to new modern ‘western’ aircraft.’ Syrian…

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Airbus Introduces “Sharklets” (Could I Resist Writing About A Sharklet?)

Web: www.thetravelstrategist.com — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 15/11/2009 – Airbus Introduces “Sharklets” (Could I Resist Writing About A Sharklet?) Lets face it…if you’ve been called “Fish” for the better part of the past 30 years could you resist writing about a “Sharklet?” You’d probably smile also if you heard that aircraft manufacturer Airbus introduced “Sharklets” for their…

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