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TSA Changes Child Enhanced Pat Down Policy…not really

Yesterday the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Administrator, John Pistole, informed the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee that the TSA would be implementing policy changes regarding the enhanced pat down of children, aged 10 and younger. Details of these changes, and when these changes would be in place, are however vague.   In…

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TSA’s ‘Trusted Traveler’ – Are Its Flaws Insurmountable?

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Administrator John Pistole has recently announced plans to create and oversee a ‘Trusted Traveler‘ program. Under the TSA’s proposed ‘Trusted Traveler’ program airline passengers would be able to avoid Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners, leave their shoes on and leave their laptops in their bags. The TSA’s proposed ‘Trusted Traveler’…

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The TSA And Its Mathematical Discrepancies

Since the inception of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the agency has faced some mathematical discrepancies … with a few major math discrepancies showing up in public statements by the past two weeks, I decided to try and find out why these issues occur.  I sought explanations to two math discrepancies … with the TSA…

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