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Is This Potential Air India Ad For New York Too Offensive?

Sex sells, this has been known since the dawn of modern advertising.   Airlines and travel companies use images of attractive people on beaches or ski slopes in their marketing, display images of attractive cabin crew on billboards and some airlines are racier then others … but few cross the line. The airlines that do cross…

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When Airline Commercials Made You Smile & Laugh

The personality of airlines in the United States has changed dramatically since the golden age of airline travel. Airline travel was once a luxury, following the 1978 Deregulation Act legacy airlines sought to differentiate themselves from each other and the new upstart airlines that were coming into existence.   In an industry where customers began…

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Gulf Air Goes Straight For Its Passengers Hearts

Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national flag carrier, has facing some significant hurdles recently. On the heals of Gulf Air dealing with financial troubles, an inability to break free of government funding as intended, increased competition in the region and route restructuring, Bahrain has been rocked by political unrest, riots and a public violent divide as citizens…

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