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Is This The Real Reason You Can’t Use Phones On Planes?

I dedicate this post to all my flight attendant friends  … so put your seat in the upright position, turn off your electronics, except the one you’re about to use to watch the following video and prepare to laugh.   The following video is one that should leave you in stitches … you should also…

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Mitt Romney’s quote on airplane windows … what’s your punch line?

It is not often a politician makes an aviation comment that is too good to pass up … but … this past Saturday night, the 22nd of September, while Mitt Romney spoke to a group of 1,500 supporters at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, he made such a comment.   As Mr. Romney briefly discussed his…

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Reader Mail : Airlines Use Tape To Fix Planes?

Today’s reader mail addresses something many passengers notice, but tend to not think about … seemingly everyday items that are not what they appear when seen on board an aircraft.  This reader mail was spawned by today’s earlier blog post, Alaska Airlines’ Internal Note On An External Wing, and comes from Andrea J., in Manitoba,…

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An AvGeek Day Out In A Kansas Field … Now This Is Fun!

Like everyone I have ups and downs, times when everything gets in the way of taking five minutes for myself, no time to blog, no time to stare at planes, no time to do much and like everyone sometimes a day out is just what is needed.   My boys enjoy Day Out With Thomas riding…

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What Does The Future Hold For Young Airplane Geeks?

The other day my seven year old son, Max, asked me why I can’t take him on the Concorde. When I explained to him that Concorde had been retired in November 2003 I was met with the follow up question enquiring why there were supersonic jets when I was a kid, but none while he…

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iPhone App Of The Week : Flight Global News (Two This Week!)

Web: — E-Mail: 6/11/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : Flight Global News (Two This Week!) If you read Flying With Fish you probably fit into one of three categories, photographer, traveller or airline geek. While my iPhone Apps generally are aimed at travellers and photo travellers, with some exceptions, this second…

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