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Revisiting The Absurd : Do You Have A Visa To Work Here? I Live Here

There are many oddities in international travel, often occurring with Immigrations and Customs.  Today I ran across  Sexism at the border: A personal account by Clay Nikiforuk, which annoyed me to no end. Whether or not all the details of her story are accurate, the issues in the story bother me. The story is not…

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Reader Mail : “Why Don’t Airlines Use Their Name As A Callsign?”

I have written about airline call signs before … but not in almost three years … so this reader mail caught my attention.   Alberto Lopez, from Barcelona, Spain, writes “I was recently listening to air traffic control while waiting for a flight home from Chicago and noted many airlines do not use their name…

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Getting Overweight Carry-On Bags On Board

Web: — E-Mail: 13/03/2009 – Getting Overweight Carry-On Bags On Board If there is one thing photographers fear, loath, worry about and detest it is getting stopped at the boarding gate and getting your bag weighed. Luckily these occurrences are few and far between for US and Canadian flyers, however it happens, and…

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