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Reader Mail : What Are The Low Airplane N-Numbers?

This morning I received an email from Melissa Miles, of New York, enquiring about aircraft with low N-Numbers … an interesting question indeed. In Melissa’s email she asked, “I have been traveling recently and spotted a few airplanes with N numbers that were very low. Who owns these planes? I didn’t know an airplane could…

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An AvGeek Day Out In A Kansas Field … Now This Is Fun!

Like everyone I have ups and downs, times when everything gets in the way of taking five minutes for myself, no time to blog, no time to stare at planes, no time to do much and like everyone sometimes a day out is just what is needed.   My boys enjoy Day Out With Thomas riding…

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Airbus Introduces “Sharklets” (Could I Resist Writing About A Sharklet?)

Web: — E-Mail: 15/11/2009 – Airbus Introduces “Sharklets” (Could I Resist Writing About A Sharklet?) Lets face it…if you’ve been called “Fish” for the better part of the past 30 years could you resist writing about a “Sharklet?” You’d probably smile also if you heard that aircraft manufacturer Airbus introduced “Sharklets” for their…

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