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American Airlines Believes … Do You?

OK … to start off, I don’t believe a single video can repair a fractured company. American Airlines is battling internally and externally to exit bankruptcy on its own terms, bring labour and management together, and part of the company is on board with a merger with US Airways while part of the company seeks…

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American Airlines Files Bankruptcy…is anyone surprised?

American Airlines was founded in 1934 and has long been America’s premier flagship airline. … or so Page 3, Section I, item 5 says in AMR’s bankruptcy filing that was submitted to U.S. Bankruptcy Court, in the Southern District of New York this morning.   In fact American Airlines was founded in 1930 as American…

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Mexicana May Not Be As Dead As Analysts Suggest It Is

The saga of Mexicana Airlines is complex and can be frustrating for those involved with the airline and passengers who have been impacted by the airline ceasing its flight operations, as I recently wrote about here – Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air. Recently there have been some interesting movements within…

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CROSS-OVER POST FROM SIMPLIFLYING : How business lessons from AirAsia can rescue the battered Air India brand

Web: — E-Mail: 10/07/2009 – CROSS-OVER POST FROM SIMPLIFLYING : How Business Lessons Learned From AirAsia Can Rescue The Battered Air India Brand This weeks’ Cross-Post from Shashank Nigam’s Simpliflying is an interesting look at ways Air India can rescue its self. What makes the airline’s financial success and future so interesting is…

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