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Reader Mail : How Does One End Up An Airplane Geek?

A little over a week ago I wrote What Does The Future Hold For Young Airplane Geeks?,  this post lead to some interesting discussions, and an email I received from Lynn Young, from Delaware, who asked, “This may be an impossible question, but how does one end up an airplane geek? My young daughter is…

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Five Hardcore Airplane Geek Blogs You Should Be Reading

I am well aware that many who read Flying With Fish are airline and travel enthusiasts and quite a few photogs wondering where my content for them has gone (and I’ll have some for them shortly) … but there are also quite a few airplane geeks who like the hardcore geek content. Well … Flying…

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The ‘You Might Be An Airline Geek If…’ Quiz

Summer is in the air, the sun is shining, some airlines are doing well and others are on strike … so I figured this might be a good time to interject some humour into Flying With Fish. To completely rip off a comedy concept by Jeff Foxworthy, this post is all about “You might be…

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iPad App of the Week : X-Plane

Have you ever wanted to take you seat in the back of the plane, look out the window and feel the fun of flying at your own hand? If so, this week’s iPad App of the Week if for you! This week’s iPad App of the Week is X-Plane. X-Plane for iPad is not simply…

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A Red & Blue DC-10 Arrived Wrapped In UPS Brown

25/12/2009 – A Red & Blue DC-10 Arrived Wrapped In UPS Brown Its Christmas Day, and while today might not be ‘my holiday,’ it seems like a good time to write about what I received this year, just before starting work on KLM’s Blog…considering I only had one item on my Holiday Gift List, which…

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