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AirplaneGeeks Episode 117 – Something Fishy Here

This week’s episode of Airplane Geeks appears to have an appropriate title, as I was the guest on the popular aviation podcast for the third time and my four appearances on the show. Episode 117 has been titled “Something Fishy Here.” If you have some time download Airplane Geeks from the site or on iTunes. …

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Guest Post: AvGeeks Unite!

Todays Guest Post goes excellently with last week’s guest post from Leighton Matthews Guest Post – Plane Pics – A Spotter’s Story. Many who work in the airline industry are enthusiasts, or Aviation Geeks, also known as AvGeeks … and this is brought to light by Amelia Kelly, a flight attendant from Down Under (or…

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Flying With Fish On Airplane Geeks Podcast

Web: — E-Mail: 7/07/2009 – Flying With Fish On Airplane Geeks Podcast There are some radio shows, TV shows and now Podcasts that have very appropriate titles…one of them is the popular airline industry podcast Airplane Geeks. For those of you who may not have been paying attention since the creation of Flying…

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