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Happy Birthday To Things In The Sky’s Dan Webb

I’m not much on publicly using Flying With Fish to wish people Happy Birthday, with the exception of my Father who shares his birthday (date, year and city) with the first every airline lounge, which I couldn’t resist wishing a collective 70th birthday.   … but today I’m going to wish fellow BoardingArea blogger Dan…

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AirplaneGeeks Episode 117 – Something Fishy Here

This week’s episode of Airplane Geeks appears to have an appropriate title, as I was the guest on the popular aviation podcast for the third time and my four appearances on the show. Episode 117 has been titled “Something Fishy Here.” If you have some time download Airplane Geeks from the site or on iTunes. …

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Happy 40th Birthday To The DC-10

If you’re a regular reader of Flying With Fish you may have noticed I am a ‘three-holer‘ fan.  While my favorite three-holer, the Lockheed L-1011, is all but gone from the skies, the long serving three-holer workhorse of the skies is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its very first flight. I am not sure how…

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The ‘You Might Be An Airline Geek If…’ Quiz

Summer is in the air, the sun is shining, some airlines are doing well and others are on strike … so I figured this might be a good time to interject some humour into Flying With Fish. To completely rip off a comedy concept by Jeff Foxworthy, this post is all about “You might be…

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You Might Be An Airline Geek If… : Aviation Geek Jeopardy Coming Soon!

Web:— E-Mail: 8/12/2009 – You Might Be An Airline Geek If… : Aviation Geek Jeopardy Coming Soon! If you are familiar with comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck,” jokes then you’ll clearly understand the reference to “You might be an airline geek if…” A few weeks ago I threw out a…

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