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AirAsia X Introduces Kids Free Zone

Not long ago Malaysia Airlines forbid children from being seated in the upper deck of their Boeing 747s and Airbus A380 flights flying between its hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and London’s Heathrow Airport.  Many airlines unofficially discourage children from flying in premium cabins and RyanAir has long since threatened to launch kid free…

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Photographing Airplanes … Don’t Be So Boring

Having grown up watching planes fly over my house, all day and night, and having spent the last 27 years (of my 37 years on this Earth) generally found with a camera in my hand, it is only natural that I can at times be found shooting photos of airplanes. Over the years I’ve shot…

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The Best Airline April Fools Gag Goes To …WestJet Again

It is April Fools Day once again, and airlines around the world have launched their annual gags.   This year was a tough choice to make my decision, so I’ll start with the two that were nearly chosen as the best Airline April Fools Gag, both airlines with a Union Jack on their aircraft.   First…

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Moose Peterson’s Air-to-Air Photo Workshops … Learn From a Legend

Moose Peterson is a world renowned wildlife photographer, landscape photographer, camera bag designer and he literally wrote the book on Nikon.  While my interests were never in wildlife photography, I was hooked at Moose’s work at the age of 16 when I received my copy of the Nikon System Handbook (now in it its sixth…

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Emirates : The Costs Of Building An Empire

Emirates is a fairly young airline, a mere 25 years old, but in that time they have seemingly come out of no where to become a dominating global airline … and now the largest international airline in the world based on international revenue passenger miles flown in 2009. As Emirates continues to grow the airline…

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