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Atlanta May Be Southwest Airlines’ Promised Land

Today during Southwest Airlines’ Media Day, after I enquired how the airline intended to handle Delta Air Lines and competition in Atlanta once they complete their acquisition of AirTran. The response I received was a bit unexpected.  While I expected the “we need to focus on own needs” response … I did not expect the…

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AirplaneGeeks Episode 117 – Something Fishy Here

This week’s episode of Airplane Geeks appears to have an appropriate title, as I was the guest on the popular aviation podcast for the third time and my four appearances on the show. Episode 117 has been titled “Something Fishy Here.” If you have some time download Airplane Geeks from the site or on iTunes. …

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Southwest Airlines Swallows Up AirTran … Goodbye AirTran!

This morning as I rolled over and read an incoming e-mail from Southwest Airlines, at 7:12am EST, I was pretty sure what I was reading was practical joke.  Southwest Airlines is known for its sense of humor … but this e-mail was one I really needed to read after consuming vast quantities of caffeine found…

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Two Airlines Battle It Out With Udderly Funny Commercials

Most posts on Flying With Fish require a lot of words … this one really doesn’t. In short Southwest Airlines released its “Battle Cry” television commercial that features a plane with its livery blurred out … it happened to be an AirTran Boeing 717. Today AirTran released an “Udderly Hysterical Video,” stating that they were…

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