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The American Airways, err US Airlines, Merger

Valentines Day will bring together a new relationship, the union between American Airlines and US Airways.   What a merged American Airlines and US Airways will look like will remain to be seen, and both airlines have a checkered history in buyouts and mergers. When American Airlines took over TWA hostility ran deep, the tension…

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AA Unions Support US Airways Bid For American

US Airways’ management and it’s labour unions are at odds with each other on a good day, especially with the bitter merger between America West and US Airways, but the airline has managed to win the support of three major American Airlines unions in regard to a potential bid by US Airways to take over…

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Reader Mail : “Why Don’t Airlines Use Their Name As A Callsign?”

I have written about airline call signs before … but not in almost three years … so this reader mail caught my attention.   Alberto Lopez, from Barcelona, Spain, writes “I was recently listening to air traffic control while waiting for a flight home from Chicago and noted many airlines do not use their name…

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Why Is A Cactus Pushing From The Gate? : Airport Radio Jargon

Web: — E-Mail: 30/12/2008 – Why Is A Cactus Pushing From The Gate? : Airport Radio Jargon Late last week I received an e-mail from a reader of Flying With Fish trying to understand what they were listening to on United Airlines‘ Channel 9.   Passengers who fly United Airlines can listen to the…

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