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LAX Shooting – Part 1 – Securing The Airport

This past Friday, the 1st of November, Paul Ciancia walked into Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3 with a singular mission, his mission was to shoot and kill Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees.  Upon arriving at the TSA Travel Document Checker (TCD) station at the entrance to the security checkpoint, Mr. Ciancia opened his bag…

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2010 : A Brief Year In Review

The last day of the year is a good time to stop, take a moment, and think back over the past year. It’s also probably not the best day to write about the year in review because you’re likely to forget a lot of things … but I’ll give it a shot anyway. 2010 was…

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The TSA – Israeli Style Security – The 4th Amendment

Over the past week I have received literally thousands of emails from people who have read my posts on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These e-mails are as varied in opinion as the fabric of people that weave the United States together. Of all the emails I have read, more than 300 of them shared…

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Reader Mail : Which Airport Is Strictest [for security]?

A constant complaint from travelers is an inconsistent security and airline policy experience.  This week’s reader mail addresses a wide range of these inconsistencies. This reader mail comes from Derek in Phoenix … who asks his question about security and carry-on policy in multiple parts. Derek asks 1) which airport strictest? like: nothing sharp, even…

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