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Scottevest Travel Vest : There’s A Pocket For That

Baggage is an annoyance on the road; even carry on baggage, especially short trips.  Travel with bags slows travelers up at security check points, leaves traveler property at risk for theft or loss at security check points … and for day trips requires travelers to schlep their bags wherever they go. Yes, I admit, there…

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Versihold : An iPhone Travel Essential

How to hold your iPhone while watching a movie on a flight … it’s a problem that has plagued users since all the way back to June 29 2007 (OK, its not that long ago) … but now there is a solution that is better than most others. The Versihold Personal Media Stand is an…

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The iPad 3G, Travel and the Ying & Yang of Packing

As a frequent traveller I take many factors into consideration when I choose what to pack. Not all tools are equal for some jobs, sometimes a tool can be left home, and as the options for potential tools grow, the line between “must have” and “leave behind” are becoming blurred. A year ago I never…

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Fish’s Top Five iPhone Apps for Travel

18/1/2010 – Fish’s Top Five iPhone Apps for Travel If I had a dollar for every time I was asked “What are your top five iPhone Apps” … well I’d have an iPhone 3Gs instead of an iPhone 3G. Choosing my top five favourite travel apps for the iPhone was a series of difficult choices.…

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