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Reader Mail : “Are airline bloggers competitive with each other?”

I get emails about airlines, airplanes and airports fairly often, but rarely if ever about airline blogging. Today’s reader mail comes from Ross Mitchell who writes, “Are airline bloggers competitive with each other, always trying to beat each other to be the top of the pile? I fly often, enjoy my time in airports and…

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Flying With Fish Is Finally Back After The Hurricane

There are some advantages to living in a place where the beach is at the end of your street … for starters I have a great plane spotting view for watching long haul aircraft flying to and from over the Atlantic, I frequently have a front row seat to watching US Coast Guard and Army…

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Thanks For Your Support of Flying With Fish! Only 103 Stickers Left

A few weeks ago a new batch of 500 Flying With Fish Euro stickers arrived on my doorstep. I expected this box to last at least six months, if not a little longer, but instead they’re nearly all gone after a few weeks.   As of this mooring only 103 stickers remain …   … and…

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What’s Flying With Fish About? – A Note To Marketing Pros

I feel almost funny writing “So What Is Flying With Fish About?” more than six years after I first created what would become the Flying With Fish you see here today.  I feel compelled to address what exactly Flying With Fish covers for two reasons. The first reason is that this blog is receiving a…

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