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American Eagle Airlines To Be Renamed ‘Envoy’ … and why it is amusing

Since 1984 American Airlines‘ regional airline has been named American Eagle Airlines. While most regional airlines are subcontracted by mainline carriers, American Eagle Airlines was wholly owned by American Airlines’ parent corporation AMR, now the American Airlines Group, and served only American Airlines with its fleet of more than 250 regional aircraft.   Now, as…

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The new American Airlines paint job … yay or nay?

American Airlines will officially unveil its new aircraft livery in 15 minutes, at 9:00am CST, replacing their decades old classic livery … change can be good or bad.   What is your opinion of the airline’s new livery?     Happy Flying!   @flyingwithfish

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American Airlines’ New Branding … You Saw It Here First!

In just 30 minutes American Airlines will officially reveal its new branding, logo and livery, replacing its classic branding we have all come to know over the past few decades.   But why wait those long 30 minutes when I can reveal to you the airline’s new branding logo, font and imagery right now?  …

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Eva Air Flies Hello Kitty Again…quick get the kids…

The last time I wrote about Hello Kitty was in early 2008, three years into Eva Air’s operation of its two Hello Kitty themed Airbus A330-203s, which the airline then retired in 2009 … much to the disappointment of my kids who never had the opportunity to enjoy the Eva Air Hello Kitty experience.  …

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