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What Is An MD-10? It’s A DC-10 … sort of

Sometimes questions come up time and time again because even among the biggest airplane geeks, and experienced aviation journalists,  not everyone knows all the variants of all the aircraft flying around in the skies above our heads. As an airplane geek myself, it is widely known that I have a penchant for ‘three-holers,’ ie: planes…

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Eastern Air Lines Died 20 Years Ago … today

In January 1991 I was in the 10th grade, living in my parents house just down the road from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. From my window growing up I watched all the airlines fly by, Pan Am, Braniff, TWA, National, Eastern, and woke up to both the British Airways and Air France…

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Happy 40th Birthday To The DC-10

If you’re a regular reader of Flying With Fish you may have noticed I am a ‘three-holer‘ fan.  While my favorite three-holer, the Lockheed L-1011, is all but gone from the skies, the long serving three-holer workhorse of the skies is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its very first flight. I am not sure how…

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Airplanes, Art and a Chicken Making Airplane Art

For many aviation enthusiasts airplanes are like fine art. We all have our favorites airplanes and airplanes we find aesthetically pleasing … for me its the Lockheed L-1011. For one aviation enthusiast … OK … let me try that again … for one significant aviation geek extraordinaire, the melding of airplanes and art has spawned…

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A Red & Blue DC-10 Arrived Wrapped In UPS Brown

25/12/2009 – A Red & Blue DC-10 Arrived Wrapped In UPS Brown Its Christmas Day, and while today might not be ‘my holiday,’ it seems like a good time to write about what I received this year, just before starting work on KLM’s Blog…considering I only had one item on my Holiday Gift List, which…

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There Is Only One Item On This Airline Geek’s Holiday Wish List

Web: www.stevenfrischling.com — E-Mail: fish@flyingwithfish.com 8/11/2009 – There Is Only One Item On This Airline Geek’s Holiday Wish List Halloween is over and for the past few days I have listened to my children and their friends rattle off endless lists of what they would like for Chanukah and Christmas. Listening to their holiday gift…

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