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Guest Post : Does JetBlue Think Its CEO Talks To Much?

Today’s post on Flying With Fish is from Seth Miller, author of The Wandering Aramean (also a BoardingArea blog). When Seth is actually home in New York City, rather than sitting in a seat flying somewhere, he builds some fantastic tools for travelers, such as a Mileage Run Calculator, a Flexible Fare Search, an Airline…

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Guest Post : Steven “Slip and Slide” Slater’s Great Escape!

Today’s guest post is from Phil Derner, Jr, the founder of NYC Aviation, a serious airplane spotting enthusiast group in New York and fantastic online community to discuss airlines and airplanes.   Phil, and his partner in crime Matt Molnar can be found on Twitter at @NYCAviation The big news in the airline world this week…

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Reader Mail : What Do All These Airplane Numbers Mean?

Marcy from New York asks “When booking flights on some websites I see sets of 3 digits that I assume are airplanes, but the numbers look unfamiliar to me. What do all these airplane numbers mean?” Marcy, when looking at aircraft types on various airline websites and online travel agency sites, I don’t give ‘all…

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