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Air India’s Search For A Euro Hub in Dublin…but why?

On October 31 2010 Air India bid farewell to its short-lived European hub at Frankfurt Airport, in Germany.   Air India had established a hub in Frankfurt only 17 months before its closure, however despite referring to the Frankfurt hub as “crucial” the airlines’ expansion, Air India quickly determined that the hub inefficient. With the airline…

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Getting Visually Creative With Lufthansa’s Airbus A380

This past Sunday evening, as the sun was setting over Frankfurt Airport, I had the opportunity to wander freely around a Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 at a Lufthansa Technik hanger as a guest of the airline. Yesterday I wrote about the A380’s three classes of cabins and what passengers can expect on board … today, it’s…

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Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal – Luxury In Transit

For the vast majority of travelers the single most stressful portion of air travel is the airport experience. Airport terminals are crowded, noisy, security lines can move at a snails pace, security screeners may be less than polite, the benches aren’t comfortable and the food selection options are dismal. For the privileged, Lufthansa has a…

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