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Frequent Flyer Miles, the insanity, the addiction … the documentary

While I am not mileage runner as an airline traveller I probably have what some may consider an unhealthy interest in gaining miles. I have been known to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles using New York as my connection point, or fly to Hong Kong via Frankfurt to pick up a few thousand…

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iPad App of the Week : Air Milage Calculator

Are you a mileage runner … or simply interested calculating your frequent flyer mileage accrual for an upcoming trip? Planning for frequent flyer mileage accrual can be straightforward in knowing the mileage of a flight, but quickly calculating in Fare-Class mileage percentages and Status Bonuses can be complicated on the run… …if you’re a mileage…

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Reader Mail : “What’s the difference between a code share & interline?”

This week’s reader mail comes from Annette up in Canada. Annette asks “What’s the difference between a code share and interline agreement between airlines?” Annette, in fact, a code-share and an interline agreement are quite different. I can go into depth, but that really doesn’t help travelers all that much … so I’ll stick with…

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Not Using Your Frequent Flyers Miles Is Like Giving Airlines Free Money

More than a year ago I wrote about the massive number of unused frequent flyer miles by travelers and the financial value to airlines when I wrote this – Frequent Flyer Miles Have Value : Use Them Or Lose Them At the end of 2007, the last full audit I know of global airline frequent…

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Frequent Flyer Miles Have Value : Use Them Or Lose Them

Web: — E-Mail: 06/04/2009 – Frequent Flyer Miles Have Value : Use Them Or Lose Them Are you using your frequent flyer miles? You earn them when you fly, chances are if you are a frequent traveler you also earn them through your credit card, your hotel stays, your car rentals and through…

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