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Reader Mail “What Are The Key Benefits To Being An Elite?”

Choosing a frequent flyer program can have many variables to choose from. In the scheme of things, with all programs being not being equal, what is the essential frequent flyer benefit for business travelers?   Mohammed Akbar, from Kuwait, writes, “I am searching for the key benefits of joining a frequent flyer program as a…

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Was NWA WorldPerks Meshugana For Tossing Kvetching Rabbi?

Passengers complain about airlines, even devoutly loyal airline passengers at times complain about their airline of choice … but what happens when one passenger complains non-stop? In the case of Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, a former Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Platinum Elite, the airline may have revoked his membership on the 27th of June 2008 because…

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Reader Mail : What Is The Difference Between A Mileage Run & Segment Run

This week’s reader mail comes from someone just starting to navigate their way through airline frequent flyer programs.   Gerry from DFW asks “I have started to travel frequently for work which has lead me to start reading FlyerTalk. I see many references to mileage an segment runs, what is the difference?” Gerry … first off…

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Why Does Alitalia Grant Elite Frequent Flyer Status For Only 18 Days?

Web: — E-Mail: 15/06/2009 – Why Does Alitalia Grant Elite Frequent Flyer Status For Only 18 Days? Over the past year I have frequently commented on Alitalia, the Italian national airline. Alitalia’s death has been predicted time and time again, and while I am one of the few who seems to see the…

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