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The TSA Rereverses Its Already Reversed Decision On Knives As Carry On

This afternoon at 14:42hrs EST the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole sent an email to all agency employees regarding a “Prohibited Items List Update.”   The email, one which was expected by many, rereversed an already reversed decision by Administrator Pistole to withdraw the March 5 2013 announcement that passengers would be…

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The TSA, 2.36″ Knives, Lack Of Threats & Real Threats

On the 25th of April the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will once again allow certain types of knives, and other prohibited items, to fly once again as carry-on items, which I detailed on the 6th of March in Sharpen Your Knives, Polish Your Golf Clubs & Fly!   Since the TSA’s announcement there has been…

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Airport Lingo : Ramp vs Apron vs Tarmac

When you sit in the airport staring out the windows at all the planes parked at their gates what area of the airport are you looking at? The Ramp? The Apron? The Tarmac?   The answer is … not the tarmac. Tarmac, while commonly used as a term to describe where airplanes are parked, is…

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Iran Air To Be Privatized In The Next Few Weeks

In August 2011 Iran Air began focusing on privatization to create a corporate structure allowing the airline to skirt U.S. economic sanctions.   While Iran Air has brilliantly maneuvered around sanctions, since they went into place in 1979, the airline has been placed in an extremely tough situation since the 1995 implementation of Total Embargo…

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iPhone App of the Week : AirportSearch

There are countless iPhone Apps for searching airfares, some for tracking mileage of routes and some apps or finding airports and airport codes. This week’s iPhone App combines the best search functions, with the ability to find airline-route options without a fare-search-engine telling you the obvious … plus it adds in some great travel geek…

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