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United To Add Channel 9 to Continental Fleet. Rejoice!

Since the official announcement that United Airlines and Continental Airlines would be merging one question seemed to rise to the top consistently amongst aviation geeks … I mean aviation enthusiasts … would United Airlines retain Channel 9 within its in-flight entertainment , integrating it into the Continental Airlines fleet.   For those of you unfamiliar…

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Are Cashless Only In-flight Airline Sales Discrimination?

What happens when an attorney packs all of his credit cards and debit cards into his checked baggage before boarding a 9 hour 40 minute flight from Honolulu (HNL) to Newark (EWR)?  A law suit of course!   Last year Attorney Michael Rosen took a trip to Honolulu Hawaii with Continental Airlines (now United Airlines),…

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Don’t Scoff At Thomas Cook Airlines’ Sony PSP In-Flight Entertainment

A few days ago Thomas Cook Airlines, based in Manchester England, announced that they’d be introducing the hand-held Sony PSP as their new in-flight entertain solution for passengers.  While it seems that many inside the industry appear to be looking at Thomas Cook’s decision and scratching their head … I completely understand the rational. I…

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Is the iPad Ready For Life As Airline In-Flight Entertainment? … No

Since the time the Apple iPad was announced there has been speculation regarding its adaptation into an in-flight entertainment (IFE) device. Now, having used the iPad, including as an in-flight entertainment device on multiple  flights, over the past two weeks and a half weeks,  an announcement by BlueBox Avionics that they will be launching an…

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Delta Moves Forward With In-Flight WiFi

Web: — E-Mail: 10/12/2008 – Delta Moves Forward With In-Flight WiFi In an unexpected announcement, Delta Airlines has announced that they intend to launch in-flight WiFi ahead of schedule.  Instead of launching the new service in 2009, they will roll it out by the end of 2008. With all the changes in the…

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