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The Crash Of Asiana Flight 991 & A Pilot’s Seven Life Insurance Policies

On July 28 2011 Asiana Cargo Flight OZ 991, a Boeing 747-48EF/SCD, flying from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport (PVG) reported a fire in the cargo hold then crashed into the sea roughly 65 miles west Jeju City, on Jeju Island, killing the two pilots on board, Sang-Gi Choi, 52…

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San Francisco International Airport Takes On “The Other Airport”

Most people never give a second though to an airport as a business, airports are seen as a building or series of buildings that planes come & go from. In reality airports are businesses and competition can be brutal for passengers dollars and airline revenue fees. Airports need to advertise themselves, differentiate themselves and create…

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Why Do Flyers Choose A Specific Airline : My Son’s Opinion

Web: — E-Mail: 10/04/2009 – Why Do Flyers Choose A Specific Airline : My Son’s Opinion Recently I have been very focused on business and policy issues related to airline travel. My focus on what attracts frequent flyers to airlines has been driving much of my research and been useful to clients…however my…

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