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Iraqi Airways Liquidated & Awaiting Rebirth

On the 25th of April Iraqi Airways flew from Baghdad to London, marking its first flight to the United Kingdom in 20 years. Rather than this long anticipated flight being a joyous moment for the people of Iraq … the flight was not met with fanfare, but by attorneys for the Kuwaiti Government seeking to…

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Visit Sunny Baghdad : Detroit Service Announced

The winters in Detroit are long, cold and brutal … whereas the average temperatures in Baghdad in March is a pleasant 62f/16c … so scheduled service from Detroit to Baghdad should be popular … OK, not really, but scheduled services from a U.S. carrier, namely Delta Air Lines, to Detroit to Baghdad actually makes sense.…

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Iraqi Airways Flies Into A Legal Battle As It Returns To London After 20 Years

Two days ago a historic moment occurred at London’s Gatwick International Airport … however it happened a nine days later than planned considering much of Europe’s airspace had been closed due to a volcanic ash cloud. On Sunday afternoon an Iraqi Airways Boeing 737-400 (operated by Tor Air) touched down at London Gatwick Airport (LGW)…

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