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Egyptair Rationalizes Israel Route Map Omission

Yesterday on Flying With Fish I wrote about Egyptair’s new route map leaving Tel Aviv blank on its route map, despite the airline flying there in this post – Politics & Airline Route Maps … Egyptair Omits Israel This morning Egyptair sent me two messages via Twitter regarding this omission.  The first Tweet from @FlyEgyptair…

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El Al’s Creative Math & Loss Of Majority Shareholder

It’s probably best to start this post with the two questions you’ll have at the end of this post 1) How does an airline not notice it is overpaying its CEO US$4,700,000 in bonuses over four years? 2) Why does an airline think its Board of Director’s insurance company should repay US$1,000,000 of that back…

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Israel & Royal Jordanian Airlines – A New Middle East Conflict

Israel is fiercely protective of its State Airline, El Al … and not just in terms of its superior operational security … but also when it comes to protecting the airline’s financial interest. Israel’s protection of El Al is now creating a rift with one of the few nations in the Middle East that Israel…

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