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The TSA Rereverses Its Already Reversed Decision On Knives As Carry On

This afternoon at 14:42hrs EST the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole sent an email to all agency employees regarding a “Prohibited Items List Update.”   The email, one which was expected by many, rereversed an already reversed decision by Administrator Pistole to withdraw the March 5 2013 announcement that passengers would be…

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The TSA’s Chicken Little Approach, Does It Work?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) frequently issues similar warnings. Over the agency’s nearly ten years in existence a pattern has emerged of not only the unsubstantiated travel security warnings the agency issues, but the timing of these warnings … with near Swiss precision.   With the busy winter holiday travel season set to begin in…

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Is TSA Administrator Pistole Ignoring An Act Of Congress?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has frequently found itself pushing the boundaries of its original mission and facing criticism for its actions. A few days ago however the TSA pushed a new boundary … that of publicly stating it was ignoring an Act of Congress. To make matters more complex, TSA Administrator John Pistole is…

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The TSA Finally Gets An Administrator : John S. Pistole

A week ago the United States Senate did something it rarely if every does … vote unanimously. Last Friday, on the 25th of June, the United States Senate voted to confirm John S. Pistole to the position of Administrator for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) … just five weeks after President Barack Obama nominated Pistole…

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