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Reader Mail : “How can you like anyone at the TSA?”

I have previously been asked “Why does it seem you hate the TSA,” but this readermail question comes at my coverage of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from a different angle.  Today’s reader mail from Alexis W. through me for a bit of a loop.   Alexis asks “I have been following you on Twitter…

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Why “Big Cameras” Aren’t A Threat To Security

It recently happened to me again, just as it has before … and just as it has happened to many other photographers before.  I was stopped while shooting photos with my “pro gear” while people stood around me snapping photos with point and shoot cameras and their mobile phones without anyone giving them a second…

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Dept of Homeland Security Authorized To Monitor Journalists

Journalists have a tough job seeking out and reporting on stories. Gathering information as a journalist requires dedication, resources, a thick skin and the ability to build trust with your sources that they will remain protected. In the United States, a free press has been able to report on tough issues independent of government interference…

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TSA’s Lack Of Answers – A Personal View Point

Disclosure : This post is a personal view point editorial Since I began covering aviation security on the 15th of September 2001 I have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with the federal agencies that were involved with protecting airports and commercial aviation. When the primary responsibility of aviation security in the United States…

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Reader Mail : Sincerely, A Concerned Reader

Generally I don’t respond to unsigned reader mail sent to me from bogus GMail accounts … but today I am making an exception.  Why am I making an exception? Well today’s Reader Mail comes from “A Concerned Reader” … and the IP address associated with the “A Concerned Reader” email is the same IP address…

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