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The Cancellations, The Annoyances, The Helpful

Right now I am crammed into seat 27E, a middle seat, on board Delta Air Lines Flight 2362, a Boeing 757-200 flying from Los Angeles to New York’s JFK, instead of sitting in an Economy Comfort window seat headed to Honolulu … and I am happy about it. Let me tell you why …  …

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Is Kansas City’s Runway 1R Approach Perfect For Thanksgiving?

Airports around the world have some interesting five-letter names to assist pilots in lining up for their runway approaches, which I have previously written about here – Airport Waypoints That Will Make You Laugh.   But on this day of Thanksgiving, a day of Turkeys being slow cooked, roasted and deep fried around the United…

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Airport Waypoints That Will Make You Laugh

Airline passengers around the world have long since laughed at unusual airport codes, which I previously wrote about here, Reader Mail : What Are Some Funny & Odd Airport Codes? When your airport’s slogan is “Fly SUX,” such as Sioux City’s Sioux Gateway Airport, it is hard not to laugh.   While airline passengers can…

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Who’s Handing Security At US Airports? It’s Not the TSA At 11 Airports

5/1/2010 – Who’s Handing Security At US Airports? It’s Not the TSA At 11 Airports When the Transportation Security Administration was placed into airports in November 2002 it had the primary goal of unifying airport security procedures throughout the United States. More than seven years later, 11 airports around the United States continue to use…

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