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UK Border Agency Goes On Strike & Passengers Report A Better Experience

For the past week the threat of the looming Public Sector labour strike in Britain gripped airlines and airports with fear.  As UK Border Agency Immigrations Officers announced they would take part in the public sector strike action today some airlines readjusted schedules, other carriers cancelled flights and London Heathrow Airport warned that passport control…

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British Airways’ Answer To NYC-London Finance Flyers

The thought of flying a narrow body airline flight on a long-haul over the water flight leaves most experienced flyers wincing … or at the very least looking for alternate flights. The last narrow body long haul airliner that was sought out by airline passengers was Concorde. Concorde was not only a spectacular super-sonic airliner,…

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Iran Air’s Concorde: What It Wasn’t,What It Never Will Be

If you find yourself walking past 73 Piccadilly in London you’ll likely to see an unexpected site in the window … a large model of the Concorde painted up in full Iran Air livery. …Now of course we all know that the Concorde was only fully commercially flown by British Airways and Air France (the…

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