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Getting Visually Creative With Lufthansa’s Airbus A380

This past Sunday evening, as the sun was setting over Frankfurt Airport, I had the opportunity to wander freely around a Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 at a Lufthansa Technik hanger as a guest of the airline. Yesterday I wrote about the A380’s three classes of cabins and what passengers can expect on board … today, it’s…

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Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 – Refining Classes Of Service

The word “behemoth” does not adequately describe the Airbus A380-800 … especially when you’re standing under it. I have stood beneath the Boeing 747-400, stood inside the engine of a Boeing 777-200, flown in cavernous belly of a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, each of which are massive and I have seen the Airbus A380-800 from a…

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