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Timbuk2’s Subtle Camera Bag : The Snoop

I hate camera bags … no, that isn’t true. I have been involved in the design process for two camera bags for the legendary Domke company, I have designed a photo insert for Mountainsmith bags and played a significant role in designing a compact camera bag for Mountainsmith. My collection of camera bags has caused…

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Dear TSA – MacBook Air & iPad In The Bag Or Out?

It is hard to believe I have been traveling with an iPad for well over half-a-year now and an 11″ MacBook Air for more than a month. Both of these travel tools have changed how I work on the road and how I pack … but both tools present a consistent problem at the start…

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The Long Haul Netbook : EeePC’s 1005HA

20/1/2010 – The Long Haul Netbook : EeePC’s 1005HA Have you ever boarded a flight from New York to Paris and wished you could watch the entire Jason Bourne Trilogy of movies on your laptop … ummm … I mean do you wish you could work from wheels up to wheels down on the flight?…

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