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Aircraft Go-Arounds Happen, So What’s The Scare?

Every now and again on a slow news day news outlets will carry stories about passengers scared, fearful, terrified because their flight did a ‘go-around.’  It sounds dramatic when a TV or radio newscaster explains that hundreds of passengers found themselves suddenly rocketing upwards as they expected to land … but go-around are a common…

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Dept of Homeland Security Authorized To Monitor Journalists

Journalists have a tough job seeking out and reporting on stories. Gathering information as a journalist requires dedication, resources, a thick skin and the ability to build trust with your sources that they will remain protected. In the United States, a free press has been able to report on tough issues independent of government interference…

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Saudi Media Falsely Reports A Saudia 747 Crashed : Airline Responds Hours Later

This past Friday Saudi Arabian media and social media sources began reporting that an engine had fallen from a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747’s wing causing the aircraft to crash in the sparsely populated Rub Al Khali Desert. Further reports spreading through out various social media channels stated that there were fatalities and significant difficulties…

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