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Aviation Security … The Archie Bunker Viewpoint

First off … if you don’t know who Archie Bunker is this post may not make any sense to you … that said, given that I was born in June 1975, I am reaching back into the brilliance of Archie Bunkerisms that pre-date my own existence by nearly three years.   In the early 1970s…

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Mexicana Is Back … just like I said they would be!

On the 28th of August 2010 Mexicana ceased its operations, ending its streak as the longest continuously operating airline in the Americas after 89 years of service. Between August and October 2010 I wrote about Mexicana, and the likelihood the airline would return a few times, and even appeared on at the end of…

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Mexicana May Not Be As Dead As Analysts Suggest It Is

The saga of Mexicana Airlines is complex and can be frustrating for those involved with the airline and passengers who have been impacted by the airline ceasing its flight operations, as I recently wrote about here – Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air. Recently there have been some interesting movements within…

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Mexicana: Dead Airlines Don’t Usually Negotiate Contracts

While Mexicana may not be flying, have UBS Global Financial saying the airline is dead and people writing off the carrier … I am once again going to stick my head out on a limb, as I did in this post: Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air … and say it…

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Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air

Mexicana, formally known as Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, has a storied history. The airline founded in 1921 is not only the oldest operating airline in Mexico, but also the oldest airline in The Americas, one of the oldest airlines in the world to continue flying under its original name … and the oldest airline in…

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Fearful Of Mexicana Shutting Down? Call Cranky Concierge

In the past few days I have received a few e-mail from people flying with Mexicana Airlines, or connecting to Mexicana flights as the airline goes through a very public financial situation. I understand the fears of flying with an airline that has had some of its aircraft repossessed as well as flying with an…

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