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The Curious Case of Mexicana … I don’t think they’re done yet

Mexicana, the oldest continuously operating airline in the Americas flying under its original name, ceased operations on the 28th of August … and by the accounts of many analysts the airline is dead … except that it is not. As I have recently written about Mexicana here – Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up…

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Mexicana May Not Be As Dead As Analysts Suggest It Is

The saga of Mexicana Airlines is complex and can be frustrating for those involved with the airline and passengers who have been impacted by the airline ceasing its flight operations, as I recently wrote about here – Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air. Recently there have been some interesting movements within…

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Mexicana: Dead Airlines Don’t Usually Negotiate Contracts

While Mexicana may not be flying, have UBS Global Financial saying the airline is dead and people writing off the carrier … I am once again going to stick my head out on a limb, as I did in this post: Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air … and say it…

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