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Inside A British Airways Boeing 747-436 D-Check

All aircraft undergo routine maintenance checks at specific life cycle intervals, these checks range from a light A-Check through a heavy D-Check.   An A-Check for a commercial aircraft is typically performed around 800 flight hour cycle and often conducted during an overnight layover at an airport, requiring 20 man-hours maintenance.   The B-Check is conducted…

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Reader Mail : Airlines Use Tape To Fix Planes?

Today’s reader mail addresses something many passengers notice, but tend to not think about … seemingly everyday items that are not what they appear when seen on board an aircraft.  This reader mail was spawned by today’s earlier blog post, Alaska Airlines’ Internal Note On An External Wing, and comes from Andrea J., in Manitoba,…

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Should A US Gov’t Bank Fund Air India’s US$3.4B 787s?

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is the U.S. Government’s export credit agency, tasked with the mission of providing financial assistance in support of the export of products from the U.S. to international markets. The EXIM Bank allows for pre-export financing, with no transaction considered to large or small for the bank with…

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