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Reader Mail: Explain How Airlines Come Up With Flight Numbers

Just before my Hurricane and Nor’easter induced break from Flying With Fish I received an email from Tim Wesolek asking, “can you [please] explain how airlines come up with flight numbers?”   Well Tim, there is no straightforward answer, but I will do my best.   For starters, some airlines have historical flight numbers, such…

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British Airways’ Answer To NYC-London Finance Flyers

The thought of flying a narrow body airline flight on a long-haul over the water flight leaves most experienced flyers wincing … or at the very least looking for alternate flights. The last narrow body long haul airliner that was sought out by airline passengers was Concorde. Concorde was not only a spectacular super-sonic airliner,…

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JFK Airport Closes Its Primary Runway For 4 Months & What It Means To You

As the old saying goes “today is a new day,” however today for New York’s JFK International Airport is also the start of a four-month project to repave its longest runway, 13R/31L. JFK’ Runway 13R/31L, at times referred to as “The Bay Runway,” is being repaved with more concrete, which is more durable that its…

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What An Airline Should Never Say To Calm Passengers Down

Web: — E-Mail: 4/02/2009 – What An Airline Should Never Say To Calm Passengers Down This morning while reading the London Daily Mail I was reminded of an event that was initially reported on the 28th of December.   On the 28th of December 2008 Aeroflot (SU) Flight 315, flying from New York’s JFK…

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