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Is A Talk Radio Host On A Secret TSA List Or Flagged For Something Else?

Ian Freeman, the co-host of Free Talk Live, a national libertarian political talk radio show broadcast on more than 100 radio stations, and four television stations, and candidate for State Representative from Keene, New Hampshire,  makes an interesting claim … he claims he is on a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Super Secret Special Searched list….

A Frequent Flyers’ Positive Airline Customer Experience

Today’s post is directly taken, in it’s entirety from Peter Shankman’s blog (yes, I have his permission to post it here on Flying With Fish) and his story is one experienced by thousands of travelers every day, but stories we almost never hear of.  Why do we rarely hear stories like Mr. Shankman’s?  Because it…

TSA Internal Report Shows BDO’s Encouraged To Use Racial Profiling At Newark

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), situation just 15 miles from Manhattan, is the fourth busiest international airport in the United States. Passengers of all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds pass through the airports’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoints, flying to destinations on five continents, all day, every day.   In a recent disclosure of…