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Using An iPhone Over A ‘Real Camera’ & Why

As a photographer I have had what seemed to be a natural biased against using my iPhone over my ‘real cameras’ for a long time.   Naturally when I saw an image I wanted to hold a full size camera in my hand, select my exposure and have a choice of lenses … at worst, I…

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Goodbye Kodachrome, You Inspired Generations Of Travel Photographers

Today is a sad day for photographers and anyone who has been inspired to see the world through photography.  Today, the 30th of December 2010 is the last day Kodachrome film will ever be processed anywhere in the world. Kodachrome plays a large role in my history as a photographer. As a kid my fascination…

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Orbis Ring Flash – The Travelling Photographers Ring Light Solution

Ring lights are both fun and functional tool for photographers. Ring lights are great for macro work, creating even light when shooting still life images as well as producing flattering light (or really funky light) when shooting portraits. While many think of ring lights as a tool for nature and fashion photographers, I know countless…

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