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Breaking News : FAA Releases Santa One Flight Plan

Santa Claus has a dedicated team working all year at his North Pole Workshop and at the North Pole International Sleighport. Santa’s operations are complex, his elves need to handle toy research, materials sourcing, health care, child profiling, public relations, security, buildings & facilities, dining services, among other required departments to make sure Christmas goes…

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Follow Santa One’s Flight Plan In Real Time

In approximately 20 Hours, from when this post is being written, a special type of aircraft’s power plants will begin fueling on carrots and lettuce, as Elf rampers begin loading cargo at a speed that would make FedEx’s SuperHub jealous.   In just Seventeen Hours and Forty-Five Minutes from now, at the time this post…

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Let Your Kids Track Santa’s Flight Path With NORAD

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), comprised of the United States Military and Canadian Forces has an important job protecting the air space over North America … but one night out of the year NORAD repurposes its satellites, radar, distant early warning systems and airborne early warning aircraft with an even more important job…

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Track Santa With Live Satellite Tracking On Christmas Eve

Web: – E-Mail: 24/12/2008 – Track Santa With Live Satellite Tracking On Christmas Eve Tonight is Christmas Eve all over the world, which can mean only one thing…tonight the air space, belongs to Santa and his team of reindeer. No matter where in the world you are, you can track Santa’s path around…

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