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Know Who To Blame At The Airport, Its Not Always TSA

Travelers in the United States have come to blame everything on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It seems no matter what the issue, the TSA is blamed, be it parking enforcement, gate agents, police, passport control … it all seems to land squarely on the TSA’s shoulders.   Does the TSA deserve to be blamed? …

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American Airlines – Part II – Save The Planet & Save Money

(For Disclosure: American Airlines Granted Me Access To The Flights & Facilities Of My Choosing Beyond What ‘The General Public’ Would Be Allowed Or Offered. AA & Its Parent Company AMR Have No Input Into What I Am Writing)   When an airline is in financial crisis and in bankruptcy the shift of views on…

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TSA’s Whole Body Scanning Imaging Policy

Yesterday afternoon a story in Chicago Tribune dropped a bombshell on airline travelers.  In a statement to the Chicago Tribune, Kathleen Petrowsky, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Director at Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD), stated that she believed full body scanning, using new body scanning machines, would become mandatory in the future to guard against improvised…

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