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A Historic Chapter In Aviation Closes & It Won’t Be Documented

In less than one week the former Pan American Airways Unit Terminal Building, more commonly known as the Pan Am WorldPort, at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, taken over by Delta Air Lines in 1991, and now simply known as Terminal 3, will cease operations after 53 years. .   JFK’s iconic Terminal…

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Pan Am’s Lesser Known Innovations … Business Jets

The birth of business jets dovetailed the birth of commercial jets. As airlines grew in popularity and size, Pan Am’s founder, Juan Trippe, an innovator in many aspects of commercial aviation, had his sights set on the travelers not on his planes … those flying private planes.   In the early 1960s Juan Trippe became…

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Pan Am : The World’s Most Experienced Airline

As I read a stream of press releases, marketing content and view promotional material created by the remaining legacy airlines in the United States I often find myself viewing their materials and realizing that I can mix-n-match airline names and the content because the airlines have forgotten how to spark traveller imagination. Airline travel is…

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“Pan Am’s World” : A Film That Takes You Around The World In 24-Minutes

Web: — E-Mail: 13/07/2009 – “Pan Am’s World” : A Film That Takes You Around The World In 24-Minutes Two weeks ago, on the 1st of July Delta Air Lines became the first airline in the United States to fly to all six permanently inhabited continents.  As Delta Air Lines launched its service…

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