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Reader Mail : What’s The Best Hospitality You’ve Experienced?

Traveling for me is often about getting to and from places rather than visiting them, it’s the nature of what I do, however for the vast majority of travelers the journey is about the experience, the culture and the connections. I was reminded of this yesterday when I received an email from Julia Schultz, in…

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Jeep … Now Trail Rated For Runways! OK, Not Really

Yesterday morning as Republic Airlines Flight 3137, operating as a US Airways Express flight, flew a mere 100 feet over Philadelphia International Airport’s Runway 9R, ready to set its wheels down after a brief 47 minute flight from Pittsburgh, air traffic controllers order the aircraft to go around.   What caused the controllers to order…

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TSA’s 25,000 Security Lapses & How They Can Be Reduced

Earlier this week documents from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revealing more than 25,000 known security breaches since the agency took over airport security screening on the 13th of February 2002 became public knowledge during U.S. House Subcommittee on National Security hearings on TSA Oversight.   First off,  keep this in mind … 25,000+ known…

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Reader Mail : What’s The Oddest Thing The TSA Has Taken From You?

Ahhh … airport security regulations preventing items from passing with a passenger through a security checkpoint. They are not always consistent, and sometimes the encounters while frustrating at the time can be humourous once the dust has settled later on. This week’s reader mail comes from Ron in Houston. Ron asks “With Lady Gaga being…

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