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Properly Packing Cameras To Avoid Damage In Transit

Photographers like to be ready for anything, I get that, I know that, I have lived that for many years … but when packing cameras in bags that may go under a plane, including being ‘valet checked’ while boarding a Regional Jet or Turbo Prop, packing gear properly makes far more sense than packing it…

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Photographing Airplanes … Don’t Be So Boring

Having grown up watching planes fly over my house, all day and night, and having spent the last 27 years (of my 37 years on this Earth) generally found with a camera in my hand, it is only natural that I can at times be found shooting photos of airplanes. Over the years I’ve shot…

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iPhone App of the Week : Nikon Learn & Explore

Traveling is the perfect environment for the burgeoning photographer. Breaking free from what is known and commonplace stokes a traveler’s sense of adventure and a desire to capture and record those moments is only natural. While I may find using my camera equipment second nature having spent my teenage years learning to be a photographer…

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